sas france


Sintered mechanical parts

S.A.S. France was created in 2000. The company manufactures mechanical parts and self-lubricating bearings for all activity sectors. S.A.S. France manufactures parts with very complex shapes at a very competitive price.

Our flexible process organisation allows us to manufacture series of 5,000 to 300,000 parts and thus meet our clients' requirements in terms of market evolution and wide range of demands.

These parts can be manufactured in different material according to our client's specifications such as iron, steel, copper, and bronze. All our raw material complies with REACH and RoHS.

SAS France works in close collaboration with his Italian colleague based in Bologna, SAS Sinterizzati srl.


H2/N2 sintering furnace

2021: New sintering furnace for stainless steel parts with the support of the FEDER fund: